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What gets people into this business is the traveling part of the business. If you know many others who normally travel you could make a small fortune. If you traveled with them you could be traveling pennies on the dollar and earning money. If traveling is what you like to do and you could earn money while traveling, it just makes common sense to jump on aboard and get your own travel website.

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The Traveling Business Is An $8 Trillion Industry!

Yes you heard right the travel industry is an $8 trillion marketplace and it’s growing. If you like to travel and travel often, you are one of the multi-multi-millions of faithful travelers that keep the travel industry booming. So why not learn how to make money while you travel and when others travel, anyone like your friends, family, associates at work or friends of your friends from Facebook, Twitter, etc. ?

 Yes YOU may NEED a vacation!

WE ALL NEED A VACATION! Yes YOU (reading this)

Researchers say that by taking a vacation every year, it can do more than just relax you from your busy job/career/busy life but it can also lift your spirits, improve your health mentally and emotionally and spiritually and your well-being and which will allow you to perform better on the job or your career.

Employees that take regular vacations have less stress, less health issues, a better mind set, higher spirits and have a healthier self love and respect for themselves and a healthier love and respect for others.

It’s never healthy to work until the point of exhaustion everyday for years and years and years. We all need a break. A vacation can be a benefit to the employee and the employer. Sometimes we just have to let it go get out there in the water and just start swimming before we really enjoy the pool of life. Plan ahead of course but take the next step and just GO DO IT!

A person who has experienced burnout at work from doing crazy hours everyday for long periods will only hurt themselves in the long run. I’m all for hard work but there comes a time when we need a break from the norm. A break from what we’re used to. A break from the predictable work life we know all too well.


When you decide you are going on a vacation, stand your ground, post it on your refrigerator, post it on your bedroom door. Make a memo on your cell phone, keep the vision in sight. Sometimes we need little vacations before the big ones.

Maybe you want to go to DISNEY WORLD!

Example of a little vacation……….A trip to somewhere anywhere between 30-300 miles from your hometown for the weekend.

Example of a BIG VACATION……..A trip to somewhere anywhere between 300-3000 miles from your hometown for a week or more.

Now figuring out where to go for a vacation and when and how much to save for doesn’t have to be a chore when you know . There are many websites you can go to that will help you find the least expensive route, the best season to go and where to go and guess what YOU ARE ON ONE!


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